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You deserve a good foundation.



Have you ever wondered, “Who am I without pain? Where can I be compared to where am I now?”

Often pain is our defining characteristic. Years of choices can tether us to physical pain, emotional pain or heartache. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Join me on an adventure where you learn how to help your body communicate with your soul.  Remember your purpose. Gain the tools and action steps that transform your life from the frustration and confusion you are experiencing now, as you make a new reality, custom designed from your deepest dreams and desires.

Discover a simple process to create a new reality.


1. Learn to Measure
There is a huge difference between judging and measuring. Understand how to recognize the two and use the gift of measuring to move forward.


2. Why is it showing up?
Look at your circumstances.  Why is life showing up this way? Discover the roots of what created your reality; ancestors, beliefs, or intended life experience, to show you a higher path.


3. Enlist Help
Use all of your resources to learn how to organize your thoughts, feelings and physical space in a way that gives you clarity right now and for the future.


What do our pains in our body teach us about our soul?

I can help your body communicate with your soul.

I know what it is like to look around and not know who I am.  At one point in my life, I didn’t know my purpose.  I get what it is like to be numb to feeling and not know that you have value outside of your day to day living.  It’s not that you are just down on yourself, but there is no vision for moving forward.  Just like I was able to cast off despair and doubt, I can help you replace the darkness inside of you with light and hope so that you can conquer your challenges and bring along your loved ones, as you design your ideal life.

I want to give you the opportunity to know who you are AWESOME! You are powerful. When you step into that, it changes your life. We need more light and life in this world.

At 13 Christa started having pain.

  • At 33 she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.
  • No one could touch her because of her pain.
  • Her identity was the pain.
  • While she always took care of everyone around her, she didn't look after herself.

Looking for any kind of help with her chronic pain she began coaching with Angela.

  • We talked about how she was an individual.
  • Christa took back her voice.
  • She started saying what was important to her. 
  • Creativity and expression was the natural byproduct of her sef-care and love.

She redefined who she wanted to be, not what everyone else thought she was.

  • Recognized that she experienced pain, but that she was not the pain
  • Decided she could be more without her pain
  • Understood she wasn’t her pain
  • Released 30 pounds
  • Overcame chronic inflammation and infections
  • Happier
  • More confident
  • Enjoying life
  • Finds things every day that she loves
  • She even cut her hair!


“Angela is the best. She has helped me with so much since I was told I had fibromyalgia. I finally have feeling in my feet again! She works with each person as a whole both with physical and emotional problems allowing growth that I never thought was possible!” - Christa Jones


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If you do nothing

  • Stay right where you are.
  • Spiral into a depression
  • Feel disconnected
  • Forget even more who you are
  • Devalue your worth
  • Focus on your inadequacies
  • You can go about your life just as you are

You can realize there is something better and when you understand something better, you realize that you were miserable.


If you say “yes!” to a new possibility

  • Gain vision; get a better job, have a desire to become a creator, to want more
  • Confidence to pursue whatever you want to pursue.
  • Know you have value and can look at yourself in the eyes and say it and mean it.
  • Communicate your value with others. You have worth.
  • Gain tools to hold value
  • Open up your voice and express yourself.
  • Develop healthy patterns to create
  • Use different physical triggers to open up hearing, vision, and voice.
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